Moishe Alexander’s Blog

About Moishe Alexander

Although Moishe Alexander has built a successful lending company with his business skills, his generous heart is the driving force behind his clients’ realized dreams. Having built his own business from the ground up, Alexander understands the work that goes into building a business or purchasing a home, and Alexander seeks to facilitate this process.

The purpose of Alexander’s business, Canadian Funding Corporation, is to connect the right lenders and borrowers on an individual basis. Moishe Alexander’s key strength is in using the right sources for his clients. He is committed to listening to his clients’ dreams, and he is able to envision the big picture along with them. In conjunction with his associates, Mr. Alexander has been able to help countless individuals and businesses that lacked support prior to seeking Canadian Funding Corporation’s help.

In addition, Moishe Alexander and the Canadian Funding Corporation team have placed an important part of their lives in charitable giving. Alexander is an active member of his synagogue in Toronto, and through his community, he has been able to give time and money to various causes. One organization particularly close to Alexander’s heart is the United Chesed of Toronto, a networking organization that uses all the Jewish Chesed groups and organizations to help Jewish people in need. With a meaning deeper than kindness, United Chesed of Toronto and Alexander provide daily assistance such as shelter, furniture, food, and clothing, and on a long-term basis, set individuals up with people and organizations that can help with legal, medical, or financial matters.

His involvement with Chabad-Lubavitch has taught Alexander to pay special attention to education and outreach in his charitable efforts. As a parent, Alexander supports the schools in his community, as well as several youth programs. He also gives to The Jada Foundation, the Humane Society, and the Canadian Cancer Society. However, Moishe Alexander derives his greatest pleasure from helping families anonymously by giving from the heart.


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